Sunday, May 5, 2013

Project #13 Teamwork and Collaboration

After a few group alterations in the middle of the semester our group upgraded to the New Kids on the Block. I had the pleasure of working together with 2 pretty amazing future educators, Ashley and Daphney, to create a few projects together. We collaborated together for Project #15: SmartBoard Instruction Part 2 and Final Project #16. During the brainstorm process through the final product, we used various tools instructed by Dr. Strange over the semester. Daphney and Ashley used Google Docs to send some ideas for our projects and create a tentative schedule and outline. With this we were able to contribute with each other privately. We used Google Presentations to create our final lesson plan for our SmartBoard lesson. One of the biggest aids in communication amongst our group was using Gmail and group messages. We used these tools to keep up with each other to make sure we were staying on track to completing our projects in a timely manner. All of these tools were extremely helpful. Everything was able to done whenever it worked with our separate schedules. This allowed us to avoid trying to find a time that worked for everyone to meet in person. Our projects were completed with very little complication and plenty of communication. I have really enjoyed getting comfortable with all of these collaborative tools, and I am certain that I will be putting them to good use in the future.

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