Monday, May 6, 2013

C4K Summary for April

C4K #9

The first student for April is Jordan, a 4th grader from Nebraska. In this post, Jordan gives us a little description of Nebraska. Jordan tells us that the trees and birds in Nebraska make it like paradise except for the storms. Jordan also says that you can get many things and this is why people go to Nebraska. I told Jordan that Nebraska sounds beautiful. I also explained that I live somewhere that has a lot of storms too, and is the rainiest city in the country. I have never been to Nebraska before, and asked Jordan if they have ever travelled outside of the state before.

C4K #10 Jesse described their family trip to Apollo Bay for Easter. They described all of the activities that they took part in with their family. Jesse and their family put up their tent before they did some exploring of their campsite. When they arrived it was a beautiful, sunny day. On the second day, after a brief encounter with a European wasp, Jesse went to have some fun on the playground. On Wednesday, Jesse and family enjoyed a day at the pool and the beach, ended by dinner at a Pub with calamari and ice cream. Thursday, Jesse again enjoyed some time at the playground and the pool. Later they went shopping and to get ice cream before dinner. While Jesse's mom and dad began to pack up the next day. They went to spend some final time at the playground. Jesse completed their post by asking if others enjoyed camping and spending time at the pool. In my comment to Jesse, I explained that I really enjoyed reading about their adventures. I also told Jesse that we don't get a week off to celebrate Easter here. I informed Jesse that I have never been camping before, but I have always thought that it would be fun. I also described that while it was winter for Jesse, we were transitioning to summer in the US. In my final comments, I sadly expressed that it is still too chilly to enjoy our pools. Jesse and I have had the luxury of having a short conversation since my original comment.

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