Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blog Post #15

Final Reflection At the beginning of the semester, we were asked a series of questions that would reflect our future classroom. The drive behind my classroom ideals originally came from the experiences I have had coaching an eighth grade volleyball team. I find no greater joy than seeing a group of people excel from the skills in which I have helped them obtain. In the beginning of the semester I had just decided that I wanted to follow a suppressed dream of being an educator. This being said, I had little to no clue what kind of teacher I saw myself being.

When I think back on all of the educators that I have learned from, I have always known that I wanted to be the teacher that every student was determined to take, but didn't take "shenanigans" from their students. I want to be the fun teacher, but at the same time one my students know is serious when it is necessary. The downside of this would be that most teachers want to fit this description. Some fail, while few may succeed. I want my students to be able to enjoy being in my classroom, and walk out every day learning something new.

When I wrote my very first blog post as a student in EDM 310, I was bound and determined on teaching grades 6 through 12 with a scientific concentration. Since then I have discovered that my true interest lies in teaching elementary education. I have always been a very creative person, and the majority of the experience I have had teaching and coaching has been around children in 5th grade or below. There is something about this age that I find will bring me the most happiness as an educator. I find that this level will allow me to express my creativity best while fulfilling my teaching dreams. It seems that there is a more open possibility to be creative with younger children.

Many of the tools that I have learned to use in this course have solidified my interest in being an elementary educator. Thanks to the few teachers I have had the pleasure of discovering through EDM 310 have shown me that I can incorporate technology no matter the grade I teach. I plan to allow my students to create podcasts and blogs in the classroom. I would also like to set up an online pen pal project with other classrooms around the world. I plan to combine a project based curriculum with a curriculum that combines technological methods and standard methods. Although I have jumped on the technology in classrooms bandwagon, I still want to keep some traditional education methods firm.

Since I plan on teaching such a young age, I am still trying to discover how to remove "burp-back" education.One of the most important skills I plan to teach, or at least begin, is critical thinking. This is not a skill that I have learned from EDM 310, but I have learned from being in college. Seeing the struggle that I still have with critical thinking at my age is not something I plan to let my students slip by without. I would like to create a certain time in my lessons that will slowly challenge my students to think outside of the box. If I can begin teaching this skill to young students, I feel that it may help them in later years.

As I have learned over the course of EDM 310, students are becoming accustomed to more frequent use of technology in their classrooms. It is my duty to take this growing standard and pushing it further. I must be able to combine this methods in a way that is effective. I truly cannot wait to take on this challenge. Children are curious, and becoming more increasingly so, and I plan to accept the challenge to provide a well rounded education wholeheartedly. The age of education in which I grew up is already much different than the one I see now. The possibilities to educate students to their utmost full potential is growing. I am becoming increasingly more eager to step foot into my first classroom, and be able to draw upon the skills I have learned in EDM 310, my creativity, and the creativity and curiosity of my students .

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