Sunday, April 28, 2013

C4T #4

Google Drive Training Video
For this C4T, I took a look at Dr. Will's blog, Peoplegogy. The purpose of his blog is to enable people to improve their skills in digital media. He posts various articles with the purpose "to empower, educate, and lead discussions about how educators of all types are using digital media". In the first post that I read from Peoplegogy, Dr. Will posted a training video for Google Drive. When I commented on this post, I told him that I have recently become fairly familiar with Google Drive this semester in Dr. Strange's class. I expressed how much I enjoy using this because it allows people to share multiple items amongst each other.

Tanya Smith

In the second look into Dr. Will's blog, I read a post left by Tanya Smith for the 3 Best Practices for Coaches Using Social Media. Mrs. Smith accepted the request to write this article in an attempt to give an insight into a few tricks of the trade in incorporating social media into the business world. Mrs. Taylor expresses that although Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites are available for use, we must be smart in using them as marketing purposes. In order to be successful with these outlets, you must engage yourself with your possible clientele as well as allow them to engage themselves in the products or services you offer. It is not merely posting these things on to these social media sites, but reaching out to your audience and allowing them to reach back to you. Furthermore, it is advised to use this social media in order to seek out the resources to effectively maintain the business. In response to Mrs. Taylor's article I had to express my interest in getting to read it. I explained that it is through social media that is the most recent form of reaching out and building a clientele. With it social media gives business entrepreneurs a way to explore each other and collaborate. We are provided with virtually any way to maintain an efficient business if we seek out the tools that are readily available.

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