Sunday, April 7, 2013

C4K Summary for March

C4K #6

For this assignment, I was given the honor of taking a little peak at quite an exquisite young student in Australia. Henri wrote a post that was a 100 word challenge. In his post he gave his thoughts about the world sharing with each other. He mentions the war in Afghanistan and how people are dying. He explains that we must share some of the small things in addition to the more vital things like food. He goes on to say, "Peace would then allow everyone to be friends". I'm not certain what it was about Henri's words, but he gave me some hope that there are people, despite age, that care about the world coming together. When I left a few words on Henri's post, I did not hesitate to let him know that he was fantastic. I told him that my brother was actually in Afghanistan too. I also told him that he had a compassionate heart and to keep working hard. I feel very blessed to have read his blog post.

C4K #7

Shorya posted on their blog about a presentation and documentary about autism. The information was very funny and educational. Shorya also said that some people might find an autistic person to be weird, and they believed that autistic people were just like us. I could not be more happy to have 2 students in a row with such kind spirits. I told Shorya that I knew many people related to autistic people, but never met any of them personally. I also said that these may be the people who come to appreciate and enjoy life more than the rest of us who live "normal" lives.

C4K #8

In my final blog for the month of March, I read a very creative blog written by Ayla. Ayla is in 8th grade and has an amazing artistic ability with words. Her post was a short story that was filled with interesting detail. She began with what seemed to be a grim confrontation between a drunk father and his daughter. She continues on to take this character, Bridgette, outside into a world that doesn't quite resemble our own. The post she created was an unedited version, and I have to say that I was very impressed with her writing ability. Once I introduced myself, I told her that her work was similar to some of the books that I have found myself buried in for days. I explained how wonderful her creativity and imagination was. I wished Ayla the best of luck with her writing. I will certainly be checking back to see if anything else is added on to her story, or just to see what other things she writes. Her talent is worthy of praise.

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