Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blog Post #11

Technology in Ms. Cassidy's Classroom

Ms. Cassidy's classroom in Canada utilizes technology in various ways. Some of the many mediums include blogging, Skype, Nintendo DS, etc.. The students are given so many new approaches to their education. With the way the world continues to grow and evolve, these skills are becoming more vital in order to provide students with the ability to learn and adjust quickly alongside these changes. Ms. Cassidy provides students with the proper usage and safety of these tools in order to be effective and safe with her students work. She incorporates the parents and families of her students so that they may see the works of the children. One of the tools that stood out to me was Ms. Cassidy's application of Wiki-spaces. The reason I am so intrigued by this is because I have just been introduced to a Wiki project in one of my other courses. Ms. Cassidy's students are much younger than I am and they are mastering the newest connective technology that I never had at their age. I have been exposed to blogs and other tools that they are using, but I haven't been as engaged until I began Dr. Strange's EDM 310 course. I continuously find myself amazed by such young children being able to complete online tasks that I am just mastering myself at 20 years old. The amount of possibilities for these children will be much more expansive than I knew for my own generation.

It is almost ironic that she uses these tools with her students in the classroom, but doesn't quite engage in them outside of school. Regardless, I am very grateful for teachers like Ms. Cassidy that use these methods in her classrooms. These teachers are thinking outside of the education box, which is a very important thing in our world. I feel that the tools Ms. Cassidy introduces also creates a different level of intimacy and familiarity between her students and the rest of the world. She gives them the ability to connect with people world wide that may be other students, or professionals in different fields that may apply to a specific lesson, or even instill the beginning thoughts of possible career options. Some may think such things are silly for young children, but we all had some idea of what we wanted to do in the future when we were little. Some may change their mind more than others, but I feel that this gives children the chance to explore their own personalities as they grow. Much like Ms. Cassidy said, "Technology is not going anywhere, it is here to stay". The world is always changing, and so are people and the possibilities that we can seek!


  1. Hi Leah,
    I'm Emily, one of Mr. Boylen's language classes in Northeast Iowa. I am currently in 8th grade, so I've spent basically my whole life around technology. Middle school, more so than elementary school, has showed me many more ways to use technology in the class room.
    Using different programs has become an everyday thing for students, it makes some things a whole lot easier. Through technology we have been able to communicate with people all over the world and do things that never would have been done in the class room. I couldn't imagine having to do everything without technology!
    Being just 14, I am excited to see how technology in the class room evolves throughout the rest of my schooling!

    1. Emily,
      That is so exciting! When I was in 8th grade, we were just getting SmartBoards. Only a few classes had them, but I remember how excited we all were to play with them. Seeing all of the different technology being taught to students like yourself, and even much younger, is probably one of the most amazing things! Being able to socialize with people around the world has to be my favorite part! I have met some students that live in a few of the places I would like to travel to most! I wish you all of the best! Not to sound goofy, but keep exploring! There are so many things out there for us to find!

  2. Ah, you have been learning. Learning never ends so keep it up.

  3. Leah, I was also introduced to both blogs and Wiki projects this semester. I was blown away that they are already using blogs and doing Wiki's. But, I also agree with you that it is more than necessary for not only teachers to be proficient with technology but also for the students to be continuously learning and being educated about the various sources of technology out there in this ever changing world.