Sunday, March 10, 2013

C4T #2

I Used to Think...But Now I Think For my second grouping of C4T assignments, I explored the creative blog titled Blend My Learning. Next to the title on this blog, it says three words: "Innovate, transform, share". I find that these three words provide such an immense summary of some duties teachers must master and complete. The first post that I read on this amazing blog is I Used to Think...But Now I Think. In this post, Dan Cogan-Drew took a look at some elementary schools that are using the web to drive their students learning. One of the teachers that they shed the spotlight on is from Connecticut. Becca Trombly teaches kindergarten and has applied some of the ideas that Dan has presented to her. Instead of placing her students in front of computers to keep them occupied while she finishes some of her own work, she now uses them to improve their learning. She claims that she tells them to stay in the zone so that they remain focused on the lessons instead of worrying about interrupting other students.

Once I introduced myself, I expressed my awe that these techniques are being practiced with such young students. I also included my observation that technology seems to be reaching younger generations as time goes on. I gave a bit of contact information to my blog and my email in order to attempt some level of communication. I still cannot believe that teachers are being successful with kindergarteners.


Kiera Chase writes in her post about an organization that includes teachers in creating the technologies and products they make. Imagine K-12 promotes and supports companies that are trying to get their feet in the door with their newest product ideas. Kiera explained that she had the pleasure of attending all four of the sessions that have been held to promote these companies. Some of them are: Plickers,, Opus, and Tinkertags. These products vary from student response systems to math and writing products. I am certainly eager to see if some of these concepts make it to the market.

Once again, after my introduction, I expressed my excitement for Kiera to visit these promotional events. I also explained that some of my classes used the clicker response systems, and have been on the "fritz" lately. One of my most used statements in work or school is often that when technology is good it's great, but whenever it is down it is only an annoyance. I am usually impressed by the amazing creations that some people can come up with. If we can all benefit from them, then it is sure to be a hit! I gave Kiera my email so that they may tell me more about some of the products that really stood out to them.

This blog has been yet another inspiring read. They make me even more excited to step into my own classroom in a few years and apply some of the things that I read about.

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