Sunday, March 3, 2013

C4K Summary for February

For my first month of C4K assignments, I have to say first and foremost that this has to be my favorite assignment so far. I love getting to read and be a part of blogs from people younger than me. What I love even more is that these students are local AND across the world, one of which lives in New Zealand. I have always loved Australia and New Zealand, so I was very excited about this!

C4K #1

My first assignment for C4K was a local student, TJ, in a tenth grade American Literature class. In his post, he described literary character, Tom Walker. In his description, TJ explained that Tom Walker was a thief who stole from his "friends". He also explained that he was cowardly and hid things from his wife. His cowardly actions went on further to cross the devil, in which he made a deal with to steal money from these people, and deserved the fate that he received for his wrong doings. In my comment to TJ's post, first I introduced myself. I then told him that his description of Tom Walker was very detailed. I asked TJ if he felt that there was any way to justify his actions toward the devil and his wife. I concluded my comment by praising his creative work.

C4K #2

For my second assignment, I read a student's blog, Alexis from Canada. In Alexis's post, she explained that she was going to have a birthday party that weekend with some of her friends. The party she was planning was a sleepover. She told us that their agenda would include crafts and watching movies until midnight. After I introduced myself to Alexis, I wished her a very happy birthday. I felt that this would be exciting to come from someone in a different country. I then told her that sleepovers were some of my favorite birthday parties when I was younger. I asked Alexis if she got anything that she was wishing for, for her birthday. I told her that I would love to hear more about her party and gave her my email and blog information.

C4K #3

In week three of C4K for February, I was assigned a very exciting student's blog. Ngairie lives in New Zealand! In her post, I got to look at a Google Presentation that she made. I learned that her favorite color is blue, and she loves puppies. Some of the other things I saw was that her favorite cake looked like chocolate, and her favorite television show is Jimmy Neutron. I was very impressed with her presentation, since she is younger than I am and I just learned how to make a Google Presentation myself a week earlier. After my introduction, I told Naigrie that my favorite color was blue, too! I also told her how excited I was that she was from New Zealand, and I have always wanted to travel there. I asked her what some of her favorite things were about New Zealand, and if she had ever traveled out of her country before. I told her that I would love to learn more and that I love to meet new people. I look forward to keeping up with her blog. She is a very interesting young lady.

C4K #4

For my final C4K, I was assigned to another student that attends the same school, and class, as TJ. In Kathleen's post, I was very sad to see that it was about suicide. She explained that she believes people commit suicide because they hate their lives. She also suggests that someone may have been bullied to the point that their life is no longer tolerable. She then breaks my heart by explaining that her uncle committed suicide over his wife. To add on to that, she says that she witnessed his passing when she was very little, and it has scarred her for life. I told Kathleen that I, too, have lost many people in recent years. Some of them I lost because of suicide, and I know how hard it is for this. Although I must note that I cannot completely relate because I have never been in her shoes by being a witness. I also told her that the friends that I have lost were some of the most amazing people I've ever met. I provided her with my email if she wanted to contact me for anything at all.

I certainly am enjoying this assignment. It is very exciting to read such wonderful work from students that are younger than me. I feel that this gives some optimism for younger generations because they are mastering these skills at such a young age. I am eager to see who I can learn from next!

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