Sunday, March 10, 2013

Blog Assignment #8

This Is How We Dream

In Dr. Richard Miller's videos, This Is How We Dream Part 1 and 2, he brings to the table a topic that may or may not have crossed our minds in the last 10, 20, or 50 years. Rather than our students writing verbally, soon they will be able to compose things with the internet itself. This possibility could open up an array of new styles and techniques to get our hands dirty with. Dr. Miller believes that the level of communication the world has at its fingertips is "the greatest change in human communication, in human history."

The immense capabilities to communicate with individuals globally is one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed. What once took weeks and months to send a letter across the world, with the possibility of having it fail to be delivered, is now a split second phone call, text message, or video chat. Dr. Miller explains that someday students may be able to filter webpages based on emotions, key phrases, and other amazing capabilities. This only skims the surface of the amazing advances we have been able to bare witness to. The technological opportunities that I was not introduced well into my teenage years, are now being mastered by younger and younger generations. With this also comes even more advanced technology that will soon surpass my own generation.

Dr. Miller discusses that students will be able to compose these things by being able to "get behind" the material and look deeper into it. He says that the "limits and restrictions are largely ones we place on ourselves". I firmly believe that this statement is valid. Some of these possible advances may seem impossible now, but we must remember that our predecessors also thought the same thing about making a trip to the moon or even the very cell phones and tablets that surround us today. We may find that some of these things are extremely unlikely; however, we cannot solely just turn up our noses and walk away because we are constantly growing closer than ever to the next wave of intelligence. The future is amazingly bright for our students.

Carly Pugh

In Carly's post during her adventure as a fellow EDM 310 student, Blog Post #12, she gives us a little inspiration for a possible assignment that was not created by Dr. Strange himself. In her post she explains that she needed to get going on an assignment that she had yet to finish. During this surge of creativity, she decided to tackle a later assignment that seemed to fit her mood. With this she came up with an assignment to create a playlist on YouTube that reflected various aspects, opinions, ideas, and possible philosophies as future educators. She listed a few ideas to include and proceeded to give some insight into the playlist she created since she believes that we must teach by example.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading and watching some of the ideas that she presented. These things give rise to much more possibility for us, as future educators, to expand our students education over and beyond the levels that these students see today. Besides the variability in education, these new practices may help give students a chance to find something that they enjoy practicing and digger deeper into and provide them with a stronger interest in their future. I strongly urge others to read Carly's post and give her assignment a shot. You may be quite impressed and inspired with the things she found, and ones that you may stumble across yourself.

Student Inspiration

In a previous assignment, I watched a couple productions from some previous EDM 310 students. The Chipper Series explains a story of a procrastinating student who disagrees with her instructor's methods of teaching. She decides to drop out and experiment with various occupations, none of which are successful, and tries to do things her own way. After having a flight school that she created fails, she finally decides that the best route would be to "suck it up" and get back to school. I know that I may have some procrastination issues, as many of us may do, and it is a hard habit to break. On the other hand, I am making various efforts to reconcile this problem in order to prevent the predicament Chipper faces. Procrastination only leads to added stress that no one enjoys. It is better to bite the bullet and get the assignment done calmly and properly in order to ensure the best result and minimize panic if something were to go wrong last minute.

In the second piece, I watched a short commercial from a group of EDM 310 students promoting EDM 310 for Dummies. The entertaining video is for a book that may help with the stresses of EDM 310. I thought that this idea was extremely creative. I must commend both of these videos because they are very well done. It doesn't hurt either that they both touch on some of the common complaints and struggles students may face in this course. I tried to sit down and contemplate a few ideas of my own that would be entertaining, yet informative, and have not been successful. It is likely that something might come to me down the road, but for anyone who is trying to get those creative "juices" flowing, I advise watching these videos, as they are very inspirational.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

In the video Learn to Change, Change to Learn, I find that the possible "attacks" on education as we know it is not properly described. As I have made note of previously, technology is changing daily and becoming much more advanced than we are currently most comfortable. As educators, we must be able to assess these changes in a way that can be properly reflected and practiced in our classrooms. We must apply the tools that the students are in contact with so they may be able to follow the level of intelligence that technology is leading them towards. Education must be able to be turned on each and every one of its sides in order to take any step necessary to present the ideals that our students must understand and master. An added advantage to this understanding will provide educators with the ability to reach more students effectively on a unique level for each individual.

Scavenger Hunt 2.0

The first objective that I sought out was a video tool called Animoto. Animoto is a tool that provides the capability to make videos that are extravagant. There are free versions with the basic features, and plus and pro versions that are more complex. You can insert photos and videos to Animoto, add special effects, and other features to make an impressive recollection of some of your favorite moments. The Lite version is free and only provides 30 second video productions and limited effects, but the Plus and Pro options add more capabilities as you move to the higher priced versions. Plus is $2.50 a month, and Pro is $20.75 a month for more professional style films.

For my second task, I found a link to a website called Classroom 2.0. This space is a learning community and social network solely for teachers. There are forums and groups to browse, as well as various labs and events. I like this website because one of the first things I noticed was a forum post titled I'm still afraid of Facebook. As an, what I believe to be correct, technologically savvy person, I found this post to be a bit entertaining at first. After I thought about it for a moment, I realized that the things that come so easily to me are the things that have evolved since I was very little, but some adults did not even know such things were possible at my age. How can I expect someone to know how to navigate and operate something that is just as foreign as the machines they can be found on? The answer is simple, I can't. This site allows teachers to come together and collaborate on their own ideas and also receive input from others.

The final piece to this scavenger hunt puzzle is to seek out a tool that allows me to make a poll. I love to receive input from others to find whether they have interest in similar or different things or ideas. Poll Everywhere allows you to create your very own poll. I decided to create my own, and since this week happens to be Spring Break, I decided to go with something fun. You can find my poll here. You can text the number provided to give your input to my poll, or you can create your own.


  1. Hi Leah!
    I really enjoyed reading your post! You were thorough with all the sections, and I didn't see any grammatical mistakes.
    We picked two of the same tools for our scavenger hunt. I really liked the animoto video tool. I'm always wanting to make videos of my Sunday School class, and this seems like the perfect thing to use.
    Great job on this post! I hope the rest of the semester goes well for you! Keep up the good work!

  2. Excellent.

    Thorough, thoughtful, well done!

    Nominated for Post of the week!