Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blog Assignment #6

The Networked Student

The only thought in my mind when I watched Wendy Drexler's video, Networked Student, was that this concept of connectivism directly related to the teaching ethic of Dr. Strange's EDM 310 course. The concept was inspired by Alec Cuoros' "The Connected Teacher". Dr. Cuoros strongly believes that "tools come and go, but the relationships endure". This is a personal mission for myself when it comes to teaching or coaching children. I feel that you have to establish this level of trust in each other in order to give a message that students can receive wholeheartedly.

The purpose of this concept is to teach our students how to sort and perceive the information that they seek through online resources. The example given discussed how to use one resource to compile various blogs by the use of RSS feeds. The student at 21st Century University, is taking a class that does not have a textbook and meets partially in class, and partially online. He uses various resources such as Google Scholar and Delicious in order to find reputable information to apply to his studies. In the video, it asks what role this student's teacher has in all of this when they do not meet in class.

The role of such teachers is to assist students in sorting and interpreting the information they find, as well as the best routes to take and how to go about certain inquiries properly and respectfully. By the end of the video, I am convinced that Dr. Strange is such a teacher as was described. He leads us to the proper information we need to know in order to carry out our assignments properly. His firm philosophy against "burp back" education further strengthens my opinion because he refuses to do the work for us, but will help us discover how to educate ourselves. This is important in the future since, hopefully, we only take this course once. After we step away from EDM 310, it is solely our responsibility to take the things we learned and expand them on our own. This will be something I would like to practice in my own classroom with the hopes to help my students become less reliant on teachers to spoon feed them information and learn to teach themselves and become more self-sufficient.

Personal Learning Network

I am eager to look further into these Personal Learning Networks after seeing the possibilities that can be found. I have heard of these resources by some previous EDM 310 students, and I personally cannot wait to begin my own. It is especially appealing that the video done by one 7th grade student was for her science class. To make it even better, her class is paperless, and I absolutely love the idea of that!


  1. Thank you for the compliments. It is also happening here right now - in Baldwin County. The most advanced is Gulf Shores Elementary but a new training project called the Digital Renaissance Leadership Academy started yesterday (2/25/13) in Baldwin County. All teachers will be trained to be Baldwin County's equivalent of a networked teacher. There are almost 300 in the first year long program of DRLA. In all grades. It will be exciting to watch it happen. So get ready. You will have to be a networked teacher if you want to teach in Baldwin County.

    1. Dr. Strange,

      That sounds like an exciting advancement for our local teachers.