Sunday, January 20, 2013

Blog Assignment #1

About Me

Hello world! My name is Leah Garvens, I am 19 years young, and a Sophomore at the University of South Alabama. I was born and, still being, raised in Mobile, AL. Like most people who have lived in the same city all of their lives, I too, have found myself wanting to get out and explore bigger, better, and more fulfilling places. However, there is one thing that I have grown to have a passion for. That, ladies and gentlemen, would be the "Southern" way of life. I have had the luxury of traveling to my mother's home state of Connecticut, and just about everywhere in between, except a few states, and let me tell you, there just isn't a place like it anywhere else. I absolutely love every single aspect of it. Okay, there are a select few downsides, but they are only because of Hollywood's interpretation of those below the good ol' Mason-Dixon. With all of this being said, I certainly see myself leaving Mobile at one point or another; however, there is no way on this Earth that I will leave the South.

How did I find myself at South Alabama? I have always followed in the athletic footsteps of my big brother for as long as I can remember. When athletics began to become more "serious" as I got older, I found an post season volleyball club that called South Alabama "home". Being around the campus virtually all of my life in one way or another I felt compelled to stick with what I knew, and two and a half years later here I am.

I found no greater happiness than stepping onto a soccer field or a volleyball court. Somehow, I always knew that I wanted to be apart of athletics for the rest of my life. In the latter years of high school, I was given the opportunity to coach volleyball teams for a younger club. I feel these experiences are what led me to choose the major I am pursuing, which is Secondary Education with a focus in Biology.

Some of you may be wondering how in the world coaching an athletics team and teaching sciences could possibly connect. Well, I will tell you. To spend months with a group of girls TEACHING them skills they never knew they could hone in on, and then to see those same girls make a varsity team their first year of high school gave me an indescribable feeling of contentment. Is that not one of the joys of teaching our students? To provide them with the ability to obtain information and skills that you teach them so that they can reach higher goals for themselves. Goals that they may not have known were possible before. Furthermore, what greater joy is there in the world than seeing someone excel because of something that you gave them? To me, there is none, and this is the reason I am here.

As you may have picked up on in the beginning of this post, family is extremely important to me. My family is not limited to blood relation; instead, it includes my dearest friends that are no less family than my birth mother and father. These people constitute my heart and my soul. Without them, I most likely would not be the person I am. My older brother, Erich, is my rock. I have chased his tracks my entire life. My parents will always be my support and my teachers. They never miss out on an opportunity to teach me something vital for the roller coaster that we call "life".

My roller coaster is very fast, and I never know what is lurking around each twist, corkscrew, or loop. As a full time student with, not one, but two jobs, it tends to be an intense ride. Since I can show my blonde roots at times and "space out", my Lilly Pulitzer agenda never goes anywhere I don't go. As far as college, there are few things I don't love about it. Sure, it can get hectic and frustrating at times, but who said anything worth having in life was easily come by? I live by two quotes my parents have always taught me: "This too shall pass.", and "He who doesn't listen, must feel." With such a growing interest in the new technologies becoming available, I'm eager and excited to see what this course holds for me this semester. Are you coming along for the ride?

Randy Pausch on Time Management

After watching this video, I am sad to say that I have never had the opportunity to hear his words of wisdom sooner. In the beginning while he explained the purpose of his first topic, he said one thing that seemed to jump out and yell, "HEY! YOU!" He mentioned that his children seemed to always be asking "why". Immediately, I thought back to conversation I heard when I was much younger. Unfortunately I do not recall who or where I heard this. A woman was speaking along the lines of listening to your parents, or elders, without asking questions. She then explained a situation that you were standing in the woods with a poisonous snake lying behind your feet and your mother told you very firmly to slowly walk towards her. The speaker went on to say that if you took the time to continuously ask "why", you were placing yourself in greater danger of being bitten. Therefore, what I received when I heard Randy Pausch's words about people often asking themselves this question, linked directly back to that memory. Don't ask so many questions, trust those around you, trust yourself, and just do.

Another thing that Mr. Pausch mentioned seemed to also "strike the right chord" with me. Lately, I have found myself making more frequent use of to-do lists. I am not certain why this is just now resonating so strongly after 19 years, but it is. I feel that I can concentrate much more on getting things done when I have everything laid out in front of me. I may not be the biggest "clean freak" normally, but when it comes to work and school I love finding ways to be organized. I will absolutely be applying more of what he said to further improve my time management and organizational capabilities. It's not always easy, and we aren't perfect. Like Mr. Pausch said, "experience comes from bad judgement". Hopefully I won't make frequent bad judgement, but I will learn from anything regardless.


  1. You are certainly energetic!

    Well written. Welcome to EDM310!

  2. I love the point that you make about don't ask so many questions, trust those around you, trust yourself, and just do. It really strikes home with me and it brings about the point for being responsible for yourself and be independent. I think that looking into life on your own really helps you learn. Hands on is the key in my opinion.